Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lesser Yellowlegs: postscript

By Keith Vinicombe

After my previous post on a Wood Sandpiper giving rise to thoughts of Lesser Yellowlegs (see below) on my local patch at Chew Valley Lake, something really bizarre and somewhat spooky happened. Fast forward 10 days to 8 July and another Wood Sandpiper was reported at Chew Valley Lake. I went to see it, and guess what – it was really a Lesser Yellowlegs!

Lesser Yellowlegs (right) with Greenshank (left) (Chew Valley Lake, Somerset, 8 July 2011). Taken at 200 m distance, asleep and in rain and poor light, this photo nicely highlights the difficulties of identifying distant birds. Could you have identified this bird? © Keith Vinicombe.
Lesser Yellowlegs (New York, USA, 30 September 2007). If only all views could be this close! © Wwcsig (commons.wikimedia.org).

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